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Teaching and Responding Through Internet Outreach

A new method of musical mentoring                 

Information for Teachers

** We currently have a limited number of 4-week lessons/coaching sessions available! **
~ please contact us for more information ~

Attention Band/Orchestra/Choir Directors and Private Music Teachers:


Have you come across students that exhibit a

distinct NATURAL TALENT for music?

 If so, we need your help!

Those of you who have taught for several years have probably recognized that a few music students stand out from the rest for being extremely interested in learning more about their art or for being truly gifted in music.  We are searching for students who, either because of geographical location or economic situation, do not have access to a private teacher. T.R.I.O. would like to serve that need by providing the gift of musical instruction and mentorship to some of those exceptional students.  Current conservatory students in New York City will meet with selected students on a weekly basis to provide them the knowledge and support needed to excel on their particular instrument.  

The T.R.I.O. Project is searching for students who are:

 1.  7th - 12th graders and have studied their instrument for at least 2 years

 2.  Show serious potential in excelling in music

 3.  Are extremely hard workers

 4.  Have a strong desire to learn more about their instrument

 5.  Live at least 50 miles away from a city with population of 250,000+ and are considered as being from a rural community OR do not have access to private music lessons because of their family’s economic situation.

If you know of someone who fits the description above, please encourage him or her to apply to The T.R.I.O. Project.  Please bear in mind that these applicants need not already be musically accomplished.  We only ask that they have played their instrument for two years and are not currently studying privately.   Those who have studied privately in the past but who may have had to give up the luxury of those lessons because of changed economic situations are eligible candidates.  

We hope you will take the time to tell your qualified students about T.R.I.O. and will encourage them to apply.  The T.R.I.O. Project believes that every student that has true musical potential should have access to quality music education that can help him or her achieve his or her musical dreams.

We do not target students who are already studying privately, or have the means to do so.  We acknowledge that the face-to-face interaction between a teacher and student is the best way to study an instrument.  However, if this is not a possibility, music instruction and mentoring by The T.R.I.O. Project is the next best thing!

A limited number of music scholarships are available--discounted rates for others who are accepted.

ideas for helping students fund lessons include Booster Club sponsorship, local foundations, local civic club or church sponsorships 

For further information, please email us at:

Download Our Student Flyer

The T.R.I.O. Project
Kathryn Peterson & Alice Gi-Young Hwang
P.O. Box 231326
New York, NY 10023


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